Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries at the Science Museum present a history of medicine with a vast array of objects, themed information, immersive experiences and interpretive artworks.

People whose lives are affected by medicine contribute to the stories as well as scientists and medical practitioners. The Science Museum team worked with an Access Panel for Mental Health to developed an inclusive narrative approach. As a panel participant I could focus on interpretive content from a personal view point; rather than the wider access consultant scope of physical, sensory and cognitive design.

Meetings expertly facilitated by the Museum Access & Inclusion Advisor raised questions on ‘what’s normal’; what it takes for medicine to maintain any supposed ‘norm’ and who decides what this is? Points of language and labels, terms and phrases were debated.

Two of the personal story tellers Alice Denham and Molly Forides (mother and daughter pictured here) give their own perspectives on medical experiences and wider impact. Do visit and find out more through the audio, text transcripts and BSL version of their and others stories.

Photo credit: Andrew Florides

December 2019