Heritage Jam is back for 2021. This creative event brings people together across disciplines from heritage professionals to artists, programmers, game designers and members of the general public.

Involvement in previous ‘Jams’ opened-up connection with others and an inspiring push to consider different ways to present aspects of our heritage. My ‘story box’ revealing hidden history and paper folding for ‘Bones’ are in the Jam archive!

Opportunities to participate, compete and collaborate focus around a central theme. This year it is “Sensation”! How do we think about and respond to senses and the past? What might sensory access to heritage open-up? Can a heritage site or artefact be sensational?

Heritage Jam is online over the month of April 2021. Set-up and run by the University of York Department of Archaeology, Carleton University in Ottawa and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.



Heritage Jam (@HeritageJam) / Twitter

April 2021