Images work together with words to communicate a challenging subject. Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a Storybook and Guidebook set introducing and explaining the life changing impact of trauma. Written by consultant psychotherapist Lindsay Schofield, both books were developed for use by survivors of trauma and by those who support them, including mental health practitioners, social care, education and safeguarding professionals, as well as family and friends.

Our House: Making Sense of Dissociative Identity Disorder is the storybook. It uses the metaphor of a house to explain how and why DID develops. The authors’ expert knowledge and experience directly informed the development of colour images, portrayal of characters and use of the house.

Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Guidebook for Survivors and Practitioners, provides information about trauma and dissociation and practical exercises and opportunities for reflective discussion, both for personal and professional use. It expands understanding and use of the storybook. Black and white images and symbols are suitable as a resource to download or copy and share.

Written by Lindsay Schofield

Published by Routledge, available for pre-order

October 2021