The Chapter House of Southwell Minster features stone arches and vaults decorated with carvings. The 13th century carved leaves, plants, animals and faces are considered exceptional for their time. They are now conserved, reinterpreted and more accessible, as part of the Leaves of Southwell project.

Inclusive design was integral to the project and undertaken with respect for the historic fabric; with installation of a cantilever lift as an option for step-free access.

You can now find out more about the stories, craft and meaning of the carvings through an engaging choice of visual and tactile formats. Information panels and guides offer clear print. Visitors are welcomed by trained staff or volunteers, with developing visual awareness, sighted guiding and description skills. A large print or Braille guide can be collected from the welcome desk where a tactile model of the Minster shows how the building has changed over time. Within the Chapter House model carvings are identified with Braille labels.

With kind permission of Southwell Cathedral Chapter
October 2022