History told through words can make it accessible for some people; but present barriers to many others (including myself).

‘History Without Words: illustration development’ project explores, tests and presents histories of people and places through clear, illustrated images or visual histories. Designed for adults who prefer to use pictures to follow or find out more about museum objects, people and places. All images are based on researched evidence and work with museum curators.

Many museums offer a visual story for visit planning; with photographs supported by clear explanatory text. Some sites also offer engagement resources with sensory trails, symbol system or Easy Read guides. ‘History Without Words’ illustrations are intended to extend the depth of visitor experience and learning; with picture sequences of historical objects in use to show context, what it is, how and where it was used and who by.

‘History Without Words: illustration development’ is possible thanks to an Arts Council England (ACE) Developing your Creative Practice (DYCP) grant.

8 January 2024