Illustrated inclusive design guidance specific to museums and heritage sites builds on current regulations and national standards combined with experiential knowledge. It is best used along with working with deaf and disabled people; as expert advisors or skilled professionals and local people; to establish effective choices and flexible options for each site, collection and associated stories.

The Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI) best practice guidelines cover interpretation practice. The ‘Inclusive Design: Principles and practice for interpretation’ were updated for AHI members in 2020-21 as an online version supported by images.

Organisation and interpretation specific guidance created for English Heritage in 2018-19 is based on legislation and standards; but also, on what may be practicable to achieve across sites and collections in its care. The brief was to produce comprehensive guidelines for a more consistent and embedded way to meet and exceed best practice for access. Scope extends from policy and process to sensory environment and cognitive access. Images were created to show technical detail as part of this piece of work commissioned by English Heritage.

April 2021